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Understanding Customer Pulse for Product Development in Video Editing Market

Analyzing Consumer Needs in Video Editing

The Client is a pioneer SaaS provider in the video editing industry. After establishing a solid foothold in the B2B market, they set their sights on a new frontier – the vast and ever-evolving consumer landscape.

To embark on this exciting new chapter, they recognized the importance of understanding their target consumers in-depth.

Their Target?

Utilise valuable insights as a guiding light for their product development endeavours, enabling them to create a solution that perfectly addresses the specific needs and pain points of Social media influencers and small to medium sized digital marketing agencies.

“The key to creating a game-changing product lies in understanding the pulse of consumers. The deeper the understanding of their current usage patterns, unmet needs, and pain points, the greater the potential for crafting a product that truly resonates with their desires.

By recognizing the pain points and challenges faced by consumers provides a roadmap for developing customer – centric products.

This customer-centric approach fosters loyalty, builds trust, and establishes long-term relationships with consumers.”
~Team Mindcog

Our Solution

Through meticulous audience identification and a thoughtfully designed questionnaire, Mindcog unearthed invaluable insights for product development. Our exploration didn’t stop at web surveys, through profound telephonic interviews and exclusive second-level discussions, we delved even deeper, discovering the underlying motivations that drive our audience’s choices. With careful analysis and synthesis, we transformed data into transformative insights.

“Identifying the potential audience across various demographic segments based on usage, buying behaviour, social media channels, followers and by important segments such as Education, Fitness, Lifestyle and Gaming, are essential to get a better understanding of the target audience.
Engaging them through a captivating web survey, helps to delve into their minds, seeking profound answers to fuel our understanding.”
~Team Mindcog


Our services enabled our client to redefine their product development hypothesis. Through meticulous data collection, analysis, and customer insights, we uncovered valuable information.

“Armed with these transformative findings, we observed close to 22% efficiency gains, leading to more focused product development initiatives This not only fueled innovation but also ensured that our offerings were aligned with the evolving needs and preferences of our target audience.”

~Our Client

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