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Deep-Dive Insights for a Robust Healthcare Go-to-Market Strategy

Decoding Healthcare Decision Makers’ Tech Priorities

The Client is a India-based consultancy firm.

In their latest project, they are entrusted with the critical task of shaping the go-to-market strategy for a leading Technology Company in the Indian Healthcare Industry.

To set about this groundbreaking project, they sought to delve into the minds of healthcare decision makers and uncover their top technology priorities.

Their Aspiration?

Craft a strong go-to-market strategy by leveraging invaluable insights from influential decision makers within India’s independent clinics and clinic chains.

“Go-to-market strategy serves as a roadmap for successfully launching and promoting products or services in the market.

A well-defined go-to-market strategy helps businesses to identify their target audience, understand customer needs and preferences, differentiate themselves from competitors, and effectively communicate their value proposition.

By analysing key stakeholders in different segments, our client can create a strong go-to-market strategy.”
~Team Mindcog

Our Solution

Mindcog identified key industry stakeholders namely doctors (clinic owners) in independent clinics and general managers or heads of IT in clinic chains, from a specialised respondent panel, ensuring a precise and targeted approach.

Customised questionnaires refined the input to capture the most relevant insights.
This meticulous process, delivered actionable findings that empowered the client to make strategic customer decisions.

“By gathering insights into their audience’s current technology landscape, businesses can tailor their products, messaging, and marketing strategies to align with customer needs and expectations. Insights into intended technology spend provide valuable information for pricing, packaging, and positioning strategies.

By leveraging these insights, businesses can make informed decisions, prioritise market segments, and create targeted go-to-market plans that resonate with their audience and drive business growth.”
~Team Mindcog


Our services enabled our client to get a deep dive understanding technology priorities of the stakeholders and refine their go-to-market strategy for different segments.

“We gained in-depth insights from around 100 stakeholders in each segment regarding their current technology usage, knowledge, and intended technology expenditure.
Our target customers were categorised into a 2X2 matrix using these valuable insights.”

~Our Client

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