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Professional Services

Professional Services

Mindcog connects consulting companies and research firms with decision makers within their target industry to understand key trends, challenges, priorities and idea validation. We connect you to opinion leaders and subject matter experts who can offer you insights on your client’s specific business problems. 

Bolster your industry reports by supplementing them with data driven insights gained via surveys of C-suite and other decision makers

Use expert insights on your projects to steepen the learning curve saving hours of desk research and enabling your clients to take decisions faster

Identify new markets and areas of opportunity for your client by tapping into the knowledge of subject-matter experts in their field.

Create compelling and outstanding proposals by including deep-dive insights into your potential client’s industry via expert consultation.


Use primary research to define your buyer personas, understand their buying journeys, how they prioritise their IT spend, etc.

Use surveys to decide which features your customers are willing to pay and at what price.

Talk with technology leaders to get valuable insights into new and adjacent markets, how to leverage those opportunities and what are the potential challenges in those areas


Mindcog enables technology companies to conduct primary research with decision makers, users and buyers. Our surveys help you understand your buyers’ needs, pain-points and answer specific questions to support your sales efforts.

Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

Mindcog connects you to industry experts, product developers, suppliers, and your target retail buyers to get inputs on your competition, product strategy, pricing, distribution channels, and consumer trends to strengthen your decision-making.

Use primary research with relevant stakeholders in the supply chain to understand what is working and discover blind spots

Use surveys and expert interviews to get specific insights into your competition and leverage it to strengthen your offerings

Connect with experts to drive innovation within existing product lines on existing products or discover unexploited niche areas 

Use customer feedback surveys such as CSAT, CES, NPS to get improve your offerings

Start Ups

Use surveys to find unmet needs, pain-points, decision-making criteria, etc. of specific target groups

Use primary research to discover the right pricing for your product/service which will enable you to get your initial clients

Use surveys to discover the ideal messaging and positioning for the launch of your products

Connect to an industry expert to identify if there are any unexplored opportunities in your business area 


Mindcog helps startups to reach their potential target audience to get market validation as well as industry experts to get forward looking insights to ensure optimum utilisation of their resources.

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