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Data & Usage Guidelines

  • Our reports compile data from a widespread audience panel, which are verified via email, social media, and/or physical address during registration. Our data quality checks take place prior to a respondent’s entry to a survey. A combination of third-party driven device fingerprinting, fraud detection, to provide the most comprehensive, upto-date, respondent-level quality screening in online sample. This data is also supported by secondary research data collated from reliable sources including press / media releases, annual reports and websites wherever necessary. Our team of analysts is highly proficient in producing research reports and strives to verify the accuracy of the information presented.


  • It is important to note that this is a representation conducted through our survey and the opinions expressed in our reports reflect our current assessment based on the prevailing market landscape. However, please be aware that these opinions are subject to potential changes over time.


  • The information provided in our reports should be considered as approximate guidance. We emphasize that any decisions regarding business or investments should not rely solely on the information presented in our reports.