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Comprehensive insights unravelled technology adoption patterns

Unlocking SMB Tech Adoption Insights: A Global Perspective

The Client is a Digital Consulting firm. In their most recent undertaking, they are tasked with formulating a cutting-edge business strategy for a prominent technology company. To initiate this project, they embark on a journey to gain profound insights into the technology adoption patterns of key decision-makers of SMBs in India, UK and Belgium.

Their Objective?

Understand diverse perspectives on current technology adoption, key challenges, unmet needs, and the desired features of various functional software solutions such as: Human Resource Management, Finance and Accounting, and Procurement and Order Management.

“Unmet needs and key challenges often reveal gaps in the market where existing solutions fall short. Through these gaps, you can uncover untapped opportunities to develop innovative offerings that fulfil unaddressed customer requirements. This can lead to market differentiation and the potential for significant market share growth.”
~Team Mindcog

Our Solution

Our research team skillfully identified the key stakeholders – Owners, CXOs, Head of Department, General Manager and decision makers of this kind aligning with the precise requirements of our esteemed client’s target audience. Fine-tuned questionnaire ensured efficacy and relevance. The culmination of our efforts resulted in the delivery of insightful findings.

“Right audience identification optimises your resource allocation. By focusing on the individuals who are most likely to engage with your brand or purchase your products/services, you can avoid wasting time, effort, and resources on an audience that may not be relevant or interested. These invaluable outputs empower businesses with actionable intelligence, driving informed decision-making and propelling their business forward.”
~Team Mindcog


Our client gained a profound understanding of the technology priorities held by key stakeholders, allowing them to refine and enhance their business strategy tailored to each specific segment.

“We got deep-dive insights from 150 key decision makers, about their current use of technology, their knowledge about technology and their intended spend in technology.

The results enabled us to refine the business strategy for different segments.”

“Mindcog helped us to conduct B2B surveys, and we are really happy with both the quality and the adherence to timeline. They gave attention to every small detail starting from the questionnaire to getting the right responses.”

~Our Client

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